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Congratulations on having your furniture restored, we hope that you will have many years of pleasure from it, however to help maintain the beauty of the product we recommend the following advice:



Caring For your Furniture

  Never use abrasive cleaners or silicon-based products on your furniture as this    may damage the finished surface.

·      A lint free damp cloth should be used for cleaning and any stubborn stains should be carefully removed by a diluted solution of white spirit.

·      Always use mats and coasters when placing hot items onto the surface of your furniture.

·      Never use sharp items on the surface of the furniture, knives and utensils may damage the finish and the timber. 

·      It is advisable to place a mat under paper when writing.

·      Never overload an item such as a shelf with heavy items that may be beyond the reasonably expected to withstand, for example do not allow someone to sit onto a table

·      Any liquid spilled onto the furniture should be cleaned up immediately using an absorbent cloth.

·      Never strike a piece of glass within a piece of furniture, if the glass is broken please contact Barrdale direct for advice.

·      Please do not sit or place an amount of weight onto the table top as this may cause the table to tip.

·      Never attempt to lift heavy furniture on your own, always ask for assistance, where ever possible please dismantle any heavy items before moving them to a new location.

·      Please periodically tighten bolts screws on all self-assembly items, as these may work loose over time.

·      Your furniture will endure most temperatures in your home, but it is recommended that placing it next to a heat source such as a fire or radiator ia avoided. This is particularly recommended with solid timbers as heat may cause the timber to warp, crack or split.


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Furniture Repairs

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